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I am retired, my wife Maggie is a semi-retired hairdresser.
We found that our internet business as a "supplement" for
our retirement income has been an awesome adventure, financial rewarding and FUN!

We have found that help was needed as we went along in our Journey, where would we turn, what to do, who would we
turn too in order to find help? BAM!! it all came to me, our MENTOR, that's why he told us to contact him should
"We need help or get stuck!"

My past experience did not give me the knowledge to get started with an online business, you see my experience
was in manufacturing management and aviation,
so building a business would be a challenge, plus we
wanted to make some money along the way. Maggie
as a hairdresser did not have the experience needed,
but she can do an AWESOME JOB ON HAIR!

So enough about us, how about you? Are you ready to
start your journey? Do you need some guidance or encouragement to make the jump?

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